Bargaining Update - AHS GSS


On Dec. 14 your bargaining team met with Alberta Health Services and mediator Andy Sims to continue mediation.

We’re pleased to report we signed off seven Articles and Letters of Understanding. These include new seniority language and classification language.
Moreover, the employer dropped proposals on reducing red circling in classifications and the salary administration language.

Monetary exchange occurred at the end of the day.

Union proposals: The committee proposed a two-year contract (same as our ingoing proposals) with a 2.25 per cent in year one and 2 per cent in year two. Other major proposals include increases to the dental plan and to the flex spending account.

Employer proposals: The employer proposed 1 per cent each year for three years and a market adjustment for Pharmacy Assistants.

The mediator suggested one more day of mediation in an attempt to finish off as much language as possible. The suggested date is Jan. 15. The committee agreed in principle to the additional day.

Your bargaining committee:

Your bargaining committee is committed to keeping you informed throughout the entire bargaining process. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your committee with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

Local 095

Henry Wakoluk
Stacey Ross